Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Is the first college/ university that I'm eyeing for my brother. He will be going to high school this June 13th as a senior thus I'm starting to gather info as early as now so we don't have to cram for next year. Also, it will be nice if he can be prep for the college and university's entrance exams.

Next on my list will be my Alma Mater, Adamson University. I'm not sure yet if my brother wants an IT or computer related course but it doesn't hurt to scout.

Before this school year starts I'm going to talk to him again. This time about the grades that he needs to get and maintained on his card. Majority of colleges and universities nowadays will look over your grades and general average. If they think that you can make it with your preferred college course then good for you. Otherwise they will select the appropriate course based on your grade. 

Good luck to me and to my brother. I am crossing my fingers that he will heed my advice.

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