Friday, May 20, 2011

MYOH? - Pass!

If you have seen my previous post I was excited to attend the Make Your Own Havaianas event since I've never been to one (6 years where I missed the chance).

The very reason that I have to pass this event is the fact that I don't have my salary yet. Since I don't have my ATM card where I can conveniently withdraw my salary, I was given a cheque every payday wherein I have to encash it to the nearest branch of the issuing bank. I was able to get hold of the cheque Friday night and obviously I have to wait for Monday to change it to cash. Sigh! I have no time available to attend the event in Rockwell as I need to travel from my place and traffic can be really nasty during the rush hours not to mention that the temperature on that day is hot. If only I have my own car (wishful thinking). I planned to attend the event either Saturday or Sunday that is if I get the cheque early Friday. So much for my remorse. Okay, I need to get a grip and move on (slapping my face to wake up).

That leaves me to wait for next year to attend this event. Hopefully the venue will be in Makati where it's accessible and not far from my place.

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