Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Take on RH Bill

This has been a hot topic since the time President Noynoy Aquino openly support this bill. He was a senator back then and now that he is the president, there's a chance that this bill will become a law.

I am a Catholic and my relatives as well. I can say that we are "sagrado Katoliko". I studied in Catholic schools from grade school till college. I understand the laws and rules stated in the Bible but I agree with the RH Bill to be pass as law and implemented. Catholic Church can't do anything if there are teenagers/ young adults who do the "did" prior to marriage. It's against the law of the church but still a lot of young people do it. Sermons and preachings are not that effective instruments in our modern world unlike before. We need to take some action in order to prevent our population ballooning in the next coming years and also to minimize the cases of abortion.

My thoughts about this bill are well delivered by Governor Fongwan of Benguet. Below is the excerpt from the news:
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by Joseph B Zambrano

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet, May 2 (PIA) - - Convinced that it is not denying life but is all about managing the population of the country, Governor Nestor B. Fongwan is throwing its support to the controversial reproductive health bill now called the Responsible Parenthood-Reproductive health(PR-RH) Bill.
"The bill is not anti life or promoting abortion. Our population is rapidly increasing and our meager resources cannot cope up with it. There is limited job available in the country, a lot do not have work and people are starving," Fongwan, a Catholic,said.
The capital town of La Trindad is congested and the population growth rate is four percent which is twice the national growth rate, Fongwan explained. There is overcrowding resulting to high incidence of crime, he added.
The governor stressed that the RP-RH bill is about informed choice. If a couple decide that they want to plan their children, relevant, and timely information and services on family planning options that are legal, effective, and medically safe should be available to them. The Church nor the state should not dictate which family planning method should they adopt should they opt to.
The RH Bill should be passed so that the future generations will have a better place live with, Fongwan said.
The bill is highly controversial, with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures both supporting and opposing it, often criticizing each other in the process. (JDP/JBZ-PIA CAR).
Like some countries in Asia (China and India) who both have huge population decided to implement a policy wherein for a couple, they can only have one or two child. I think we should do the same here in the Philippines. After all, it's the responsibility of the government to make sure that the welfare of the majority will be taken care of and by passing this bill, families that is the core unit of each community will be responsible enough to look after their children bringing them up to be a good citizens. Too many children equals less attention and not all of them will get a proper education thus heinous crimes at a young age are common nowadays.

Let's observe our surroundings and watch the news. There are a lot of reasons presented to us in our daily life. Let's stop pretending to be blind.

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