Thursday, May 5, 2011

Handling Finances

Just thinking about expenses makes me want to go to sleep and forget that such thing existed. For sure my electricity bill will shoot right past our roof due to the fact that it's summer and it's literally hot then there goes my younger siblings who are having the time of their life since it's vacation.

Then next month, another school year will start. I have to settle the whole year tuition fee of my brother so I don't have to worry every month of paying his schooling. In addition to that, I'm targeting to finish/ dress-up the 3rd floor of our home. Well, it still depends on the costs of materials, labor and the professional fee of the interior designer that I'm going to meet today.

In an email group where I'm a member they talked about the tips on how to budget/ handle monetary expenses and ways to save. They even shared an excel spreadsheet file for everyone to use. I haven't checked the file yet but it will be nice if I have a personal finance software that I can use like Mint. It's an online management and budget tool where it's free to sign-up. Unfortunately, it's not yet available in the Philippines but for those people in USA and Canada, I think they are available. I just hope they can have a free trial of this online application in Asia real soon.

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Amelia said...

religiously check on your finances and list lahat ng nagagastos and check kung san ka pwedeng magtipid..good luck Jo ;) handling finances is a hard thing to do...