Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheesecake Deal

I found a deal that is so hard to resist!

It's a lot of saving since Cheesecake cakes ranges from Php 500 and above. And if you will see the figures of how many bought this deal, you will know that is definitely worth it. I just wish that they will have this deal again. I bought 4 coupons since there will be lot of celebration to come this year.

I'm thinking of giving away the first cake to my father since his birthday is next month. Definitely he loves chocolate flavored cakes (that's what I know). Hope he will like one of these cakes that I'm considering:

Choco Dome Cake

Choco True Confection

Choco Turtle Pie

Hmmm....this will be a tough decision...which is which?


Elsa said...

I also bought two vouchers and still haven't used it!!! I love cheesecakes so I immediately got two myself hehehe!

hope you enjoy your cake!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Elsa! Hopefully I will :) I'm not a fan of chocolate flavored cake. I like their blueberry cheesecake ;)