Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheesecake Deal

I found a deal that is so hard to resist!

It's a lot of saving since Cheesecake cakes ranges from Php 500 and above. And if you will see the figures of how many bought this deal, you will know that is definitely worth it. I just wish that they will have this deal again. I bought 4 coupons since there will be lot of celebration to come this year.

I'm thinking of giving away the first cake to my father since his birthday is next month. Definitely he loves chocolate flavored cakes (that's what I know). Hope he will like one of these cakes that I'm considering:

Choco Dome Cake

Choco True Confection

Choco Turtle Pie

Hmmm....this will be a tough decision...which is which?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Is the first college/ university that I'm eyeing for my brother. He will be going to high school this June 13th as a senior thus I'm starting to gather info as early as now so we don't have to cram for next year. Also, it will be nice if he can be prep for the college and university's entrance exams.

Next on my list will be my Alma Mater, Adamson University. I'm not sure yet if my brother wants an IT or computer related course but it doesn't hurt to scout.

Before this school year starts I'm going to talk to him again. This time about the grades that he needs to get and maintained on his card. Majority of colleges and universities nowadays will look over your grades and general average. If they think that you can make it with your preferred college course then good for you. Otherwise they will select the appropriate course based on your grade. 

Good luck to me and to my brother. I am crossing my fingers that he will heed my advice.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fun Run on June 5

I want to go back on the running track! :)

AKTV Live Active - is for the benefit of WWF (World Wildlife Fund).


AKTV Run Fees and Singlet

Good thing that I saw this on FlairCandy website. I'm not a big fan of TV 5 channel (don't get me wrong), I don't know why but I've always been loyal to ABS-CBN. Anyway, that is not the topic at hand.

This event will happen on June 5, 2011 at SM Mall of Asia (which is very accessible for me). Brought to us by AKTV Live Active which happens to be the newest sports and active lifestyle program on IBC 13 (Hmmm...I wonder what's the relation of TV5 and IBC 13)....

According to the poster there will be Yoga, Billiards, Boxing, Basketball and MMA demos. In addition to that there will be TV5 kids booths and photowalls of your favorite TV5 shows. It's like a major school intramural or field day.

Be quick if you are planning to register online since it will end tomorrow (late discovery). There will be late registration from May 23-May 29 in selected sport stores so do check out the link above. 

Now I need to ask my sister or a couple of my friends if they want to participate in this event. I'm always in hype to run for a good cause which comes a late realization on my part.

Friday, May 20, 2011

MYOH? - Pass!

If you have seen my previous post I was excited to attend the Make Your Own Havaianas event since I've never been to one (6 years where I missed the chance).

The very reason that I have to pass this event is the fact that I don't have my salary yet. Since I don't have my ATM card where I can conveniently withdraw my salary, I was given a cheque every payday wherein I have to encash it to the nearest branch of the issuing bank. I was able to get hold of the cheque Friday night and obviously I have to wait for Monday to change it to cash. Sigh! I have no time available to attend the event in Rockwell as I need to travel from my place and traffic can be really nasty during the rush hours not to mention that the temperature on that day is hot. If only I have my own car (wishful thinking). I planned to attend the event either Saturday or Sunday that is if I get the cheque early Friday. So much for my remorse. Okay, I need to get a grip and move on (slapping my face to wake up).

That leaves me to wait for next year to attend this event. Hopefully the venue will be in Makati where it's accessible and not far from my place.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thor in 3D

It's been awhile since hubby and I had a movie date. With all the fuss moving in to a new home and then taking care of his niece, last year was one heck of a ride. Anyways, we enjoyed watching Thor in ATC last Sunday. I'm not expecting to watch it in 3D but since there's only one cinema available for Thor and it happens to be in 3D, we give it a go.
Thor (the movie)
Quick comparison of 3D cinemas, the first time hubby and I watched 3D was in Trinoma. It was the last installment of Narnia (sorry forgot the title). Since it's our first time, we are in awe. Then here comes the second experience of watching another 3D film. This time the screen is clearer or maybe it is the 3D eyeglasses? Or maybe the quality of the picture itself? I dunno the exact reason but I enjoyed watching Thor in ATC. It's just disappointing that the film is not a full-blown (aka 100%) 3D.

Back to Thor, Chris Hemsworth is one heck of a hunk! I think he portrayed the role well though I'm not an avid reader of Marvel comics, I enjoyed the film and I can't wait for the second part to be shown in two years (for sure). According to my friend who is a fan of Marvel, the Thor comics is more action packed compared to the film. Well obviously, it's much easier to draw the characters rather than directing and acting them in real life especially we know that such person doesn't exist. Another point is the character of Natalie Portman. I dunno if she's part of the Thor comics since my husband is asking the presence of Natalie's character on the film. Maybe I should ask my Marvel SME friend about Jane. 

Next stop is Fast 5. This is one of the few films that I want to watch in 3D, that is if it's available in that fornat in ATC. Then followed by Kung Fu Panda 2 which I saw the trailer in 3D and it's awesomeness! I was planning to watch this with hubby and my siblings so they can experience watching movies in 3D. I'm sure they will be gobsmacked by the technology...hehehehe.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Take on RH Bill

This has been a hot topic since the time President Noynoy Aquino openly support this bill. He was a senator back then and now that he is the president, there's a chance that this bill will become a law.

I am a Catholic and my relatives as well. I can say that we are "sagrado Katoliko". I studied in Catholic schools from grade school till college. I understand the laws and rules stated in the Bible but I agree with the RH Bill to be pass as law and implemented. Catholic Church can't do anything if there are teenagers/ young adults who do the "did" prior to marriage. It's against the law of the church but still a lot of young people do it. Sermons and preachings are not that effective instruments in our modern world unlike before. We need to take some action in order to prevent our population ballooning in the next coming years and also to minimize the cases of abortion.

My thoughts about this bill are well delivered by Governor Fongwan of Benguet. Below is the excerpt from the news:
(Photo Credit: Starmometer)


by Joseph B Zambrano

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet, May 2 (PIA) - - Convinced that it is not denying life but is all about managing the population of the country, Governor Nestor B. Fongwan is throwing its support to the controversial reproductive health bill now called the Responsible Parenthood-Reproductive health(PR-RH) Bill.
"The bill is not anti life or promoting abortion. Our population is rapidly increasing and our meager resources cannot cope up with it. There is limited job available in the country, a lot do not have work and people are starving," Fongwan, a Catholic,said.
The capital town of La Trindad is congested and the population growth rate is four percent which is twice the national growth rate, Fongwan explained. There is overcrowding resulting to high incidence of crime, he added.
The governor stressed that the RP-RH bill is about informed choice. If a couple decide that they want to plan their children, relevant, and timely information and services on family planning options that are legal, effective, and medically safe should be available to them. The Church nor the state should not dictate which family planning method should they adopt should they opt to.
The RH Bill should be passed so that the future generations will have a better place live with, Fongwan said.
The bill is highly controversial, with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures both supporting and opposing it, often criticizing each other in the process. (JDP/JBZ-PIA CAR).
Like some countries in Asia (China and India) who both have huge population decided to implement a policy wherein for a couple, they can only have one or two child. I think we should do the same here in the Philippines. After all, it's the responsibility of the government to make sure that the welfare of the majority will be taken care of and by passing this bill, families that is the core unit of each community will be responsible enough to look after their children bringing them up to be a good citizens. Too many children equals less attention and not all of them will get a proper education thus heinous crimes at a young age are common nowadays.

Let's observe our surroundings and watch the news. There are a lot of reasons presented to us in our daily life. Let's stop pretending to be blind.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wanted: Home Inspirations

I decided to furnish the area of our 3rd floor one at a time. Didn't know that dressing up a home can be expensive....well, I guess it depends on the materials and the furniture to be used. I think it also plays an important role if the ID lives near your area or not. After all, they will need to travel to be onsite during the construction, supervising and monitoring the contractors’ job, etc. 

I'm not sure if I will need to push through of getting the service of an ID. Maybe I can avail their service for the design/ layout but when it comes to the total package? I don't think I'm ready for the cost and the fact that I have other expenses to worry about like school, utilities, etc. Sigh!

Do any of you know a good book or website that features a design for an attic? So far I'm not getting any luck finding one that appeals to me. Though I already envisioned some of the things that I would want for the 3rd floor. My only concern is the lighting fixture and the material to be used for the ceiling (see photos below). Any ideas?

P.S. Pardon for the litter shown on the photos. The storage area to keep those things is still "a work in progress".

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Handling Finances

Just thinking about expenses makes me want to go to sleep and forget that such thing existed. For sure my electricity bill will shoot right past our roof due to the fact that it's summer and it's literally hot then there goes my younger siblings who are having the time of their life since it's vacation.

Then next month, another school year will start. I have to settle the whole year tuition fee of my brother so I don't have to worry every month of paying his schooling. In addition to that, I'm targeting to finish/ dress-up the 3rd floor of our home. Well, it still depends on the costs of materials, labor and the professional fee of the interior designer that I'm going to meet today.

In an email group where I'm a member they talked about the tips on how to budget/ handle monetary expenses and ways to save. They even shared an excel spreadsheet file for everyone to use. I haven't checked the file yet but it will be nice if I have a personal finance software that I can use like Mint. It's an online management and budget tool where it's free to sign-up. Unfortunately, it's not yet available in the Philippines but for those people in USA and Canada, I think they are available. I just hope they can have a free trial of this online application in Asia real soon.

Make Your Own Havaianas 2011


I want to try this one! It's been five years ( I think?) when Havaianas started to launch "Make Your Own Havaianas". Good thing that I subscribe to their email alerts. This year they will start the event from May 12-May 16 which is a good timing since it will be "payday" for most of the employees here in Metro Manila ;)

Most likely I'll drop by the venue either Thursday, Friday or Monday. I can't go on weekend since I will have an overnight summer outing. The location is a secret =)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Here I go again....

I'll be honest that I don't know where to start to keep this blog updated. Obviously I need to start with my Project 365. Just thinking about the pending photos and entries that I need to catch up makes me cringe. There's no one else to blame but myself for being lazy especially on Holy Week. I decided to simply relax and enjoy the 4 days of freedom from work.

I'd better do something about these pending tasks. Otherwise, they will keep on piling up and I don't want to cram. Argh!