Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back to School and Home Ramblings

First of let me greet y'all a belated Happy Easter!!! I feel ashamed of myself for not updating this blog. I admit that I do feel lazy and the Project 365 tend to be difficult to maintained especially if you have full-time work and sideline. Sigh!

Anyways, next month will be May then after that it's June again which is back to school for the students. I have two siblings who will be graduating next year. One in grade school while the other in high school. It will be one heck of a celebration for our family for March/ April 2012. They are growing (literally) way too fast. Gone are the small duffle bags and the personalized kids backpacks that they used when they were young. Right now they prefer messenger bags or shoulder bags or whatever bag is in fashion to date. Oh well, time flies so fast when your having fun as they say and it's totally true.

On a different note, next week we will start the construction of our gate :)  It's been 11 months that we don't have a front gate. It helps that the electrical post is right next to our house so somehow we are safe. It will take a week for the contractors to finish the front gate including the cementing of hollow blocks and iron works. Next project after that will be the landscaping for our mini garden. I am using some samples of Dallas lawn service for an inspiration. Me and my sister have some ideas in mind but it helps to do further research and what type of plants we are going to use for the front lawn and the mini garden inside our yard.

After the landscape I was thinking of having the whole house repainted outside since the paint is fading due to the weather. I wonder how much it will cost to have it repainted since our home is 3 floors.

Speaking of home renovations, I set up an appointment for an interior designer tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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