Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project 365 - 61st Day

March 3

This is one of the few photos from Real Living Makeover winner for January-February 2011. The interior designer for this featured makeover is Ms. Grace Moslares. I made a decision to seek help of an interior designer with regards to dressing up the 3rd floor of our home since I have no idea on how to achieve the homey yet modern design for our home. Since Ms. Grace contact information are written there, I immediately sent her an email.

She replied back after a day and we set up to meet. Unfortunately we are having issues with our schedule so up to now we were not able to have our meeting. Initially, she wants to have an ocular visit of our place so she can see for herself what things need to be done to finish our place. That plan didn't push through since she just came back from her trip to Cebu. I think she is quite busy during this season since it's summer and most of the home owners picked this season for renovations and construction.

I'm not sure when we will be able to see each other but I have a good feeling about Grace though I'm not shutting the idea of scouting for other interior designers. In fact, I made a query to 2 IDs with regards to their PF, tie-up contractors if any, expenses, etc. I just hope something good will come out of my "research".

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