Monday, March 21, 2011

Project 365 - 57th Day

February 27

February 27 - It's the first time that I went to Resorts World. The front portion of the building is a hotel with luxury brands lined up on the ground floor. At the back portion was turned into a mall, most of them are branded. I think the very reason for that is to attract tourists and to make their stay in the hotel enjoyable and hassle free.

I decided to make a quick snap of their female restrooms on the 2nd floor. I apologize that it's kind of blurry because I'm only using my BB 8520. The place is new since some of the stores are not yet open but a lot of people are going there. The reasons for that are:
1. Casino - It's a huge room where there's an entertainment stage (?) or podium in the middle.
2. Bars - Yep! They have a bar which youngster and adults alike can have a good time.
3. Performing Arts Theater - Now showing is KAOS. I saw an ad in cable with regards to this show. I might check this one out next month.

Before I forgot, Resorts World is offering a free membership for everyone. All you need is a valid ID (government issued). One of the perks is having a discount for the tickets in Performing Arts Theater. Also according to my friend, you can get a breakfast from the hotel amounting to Php 89 or 99. Sorry I forgot the exact amount but I'm positive that it's less than 100.

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