Monday, March 7, 2011

Project 365 - 49th Day

February 18

It's very unlikely of me to order a Starbucks drink except for their fruit juices. I'm trying to avoid the acidity and the grumbling noise that my tummy makes whenever there is a "dairy" ingredient present. It was out of boredom that I decided to order a cold Caramel Macchiato drink. A good friend of mine orders this drink a lot. We can say that this is her favorite. I remembered when she orders this drink, she will asked the barista to add some jellies. I did the same thing but turns out, they don't have jellies available on that branch. I can't blame them since I'm ordering the drink between 4-5am! So much for jelly cravings =P

It made my day sans the jellies though ;)

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