Saturday, March 5, 2011


I know I made a promise that I'm going to update this blog which I will as soon as I'm done with all the household chores and my appointment for today. I decided to start investing like putting up a business. In order for me to start earning extra income, I have to do something about it so why not put a business? 

I'm eyeing a franchise business but before I take the plunge I need to know and learn more about running it thus I'm going out after lunch to head out for a seminar. 

Anyways, I know I owe you a lot of backlogs for the Project 365. My goal for this week is to post all the entries for the month of February. Same story in updating the Project 365 photos in my FB account. 

Hopefully my husband will not be so busy using my laptop later.

Special thanks to Glenda B. and Ava G. for regularly checking my blog. It's good to know that you still do visit it despite the lack of updates. So sorry. I promised to be a better blogger in the next coming days ;)

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