Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 365 - 45th Day

February 14

We got a visitor in the office. She's cute, small and quiet. You will thought at first glance that she's a stuff toy but when she starts blinking her eyes, that's the time that you will realize that she's a live dog =P Well I'm saying these words based on my reaction...hehehe.

She is one toy poodle that has manners. She is behave and well trained. You wouldn't know that there's a dog in the office because she doesn't make any sounds at all. She's contented sleeping in a backpack of her owner. I wish I have one just like her but that might be a problem since all of us are working here at home and nobody will look after her. We have one dog already who is so loud when she barks. Well, I'll just create a different post about Poochie. 

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