Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project 365 - 42nd Day

February 11

I finally received my Travel Planner by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet :)

They only have 1,000 copies of this planner and I'm proud to say that I'm included on the first batch to received this. I can't wait to use it and of course plan my next travel trip. Hopefully I can share this travel experience with hubby as he is a certified party pooper when it comes to this kind of activity/ leisure.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this planner on this blog but the makers of this planner are the ones behind the BDJ which I owned for the past 2 years until I discovered this and decided to give it a try. The downside of this planner is they don't offer or it has no discount coupons unlike the BDJ. In return, Anton gave his suggestions on what best restaurants to eat, best places to explore and best experiences to discover that includes the best beaches in the country. I can't wait to check out those places in the next coming years!

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