Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 365 - 26th Day

January 26

This was my breakfast last January 26th. I was with my two colleagues and we decided to grab a bite before going home. I was hungry from all the work that I done on that day. It was a hectic and stressful day and it will not be the first time. On our region we have tons of reks!

That reminds me that I need to work double time today and tomorrow. Otherwise, we will be in big trouble.

So cheers to breakfast with friends! That's one of the ways that will keep you sane from a toxic work.

And if you're wondering if I'm on a diet. Yes is the answer. I'm cutting down my rice intake though I know that eating lots of bread is equivalent to 1-2 cups of rice. Apart from my so-called diet, I'm trying my very best to exercise at least 3x a week. I hope I can keep this up for this whole year.

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