Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365 - 12th Day

Ahoy everyone! I never thought that taking pictures every single day and posting them can be so tedious =P

Anyways, I have never forgotten about this project. It's just that there are some instances that I would like to gather all the pictures and upload them at the same time rather than day by day...hehehe.

Let's keep the ball rolling....

January 12
Baby No More!

That's our "baby" who always wants to sleep in our room or outside our room. I guess she is used to seeing me and hubby during the day rather than my sister whom she gets to see at night. Look at her! She's all grown up. I'm guessing that she probably weighs 12-15 kilos. She's 5.5 months so in canine years, she's considered a pup. Once she reach 12 months, then she will be an adult. Sniff! I'm going to miss the round puppy that she was when she first came into our home.

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