Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project 365 - 10th Day

January 10

I got a Clinique Happy Heart Set last November from a friend whose been living in the US majority of his life. He is a good friend and I never thought that we could be one since I seldom see him in person and our meeting is not the usual story that you hear.

I guess "true friends" knows no distance. I was so happy when I received this gift box in Macy's paper bag. My colleague in the office who was sent off by our company to NJ/NY met my friend and he brought this paper bag at the office.

I was thinking of something to give back to my friend in return since his been so good to me the past 6 years. I already have something in mind which I know he will never see in the US. The problem will be the size though....hmmm...

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