Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 365 - 27th Day

January 27

Pouty lips? Nah! It was an accident. My upper lip got swollen. Thanks to the ant (or ants) that was on the star bread that I'm munching. I didn't noticed that there's an ant. After finishing up the star bread, my lip got itchy and then in a matter of minutes I have this swollen lip. It lasted for 3 hours and after that it's back to normal.

My crazy idea, if you want to have pouty lips like Angelina Jolie you know now the best and cheapest way to achieve it... Lol.

Project 365 - 26th Day

January 26

This was my breakfast last January 26th. I was with my two colleagues and we decided to grab a bite before going home. I was hungry from all the work that I done on that day. It was a hectic and stressful day and it will not be the first time. On our region we have tons of reks!

That reminds me that I need to work double time today and tomorrow. Otherwise, we will be in big trouble.

So cheers to breakfast with friends! That's one of the ways that will keep you sane from a toxic work.

And if you're wondering if I'm on a diet. Yes is the answer. I'm cutting down my rice intake though I know that eating lots of bread is equivalent to 1-2 cups of rice. Apart from my so-called diet, I'm trying my very best to exercise at least 3x a week. I hope I can keep this up for this whole year.

Project 365 - 25th Day

January 25

Sorry if the picture is blurry since I used my BB 8520 to take this photo.

This was the award that I received last June 2010. The Recruiter of the Quarter Award is given to a recruiter with the most number of hires and the most higher profit margin. I had the most number of hires for the 2nd Quarter thus I got this.

I was mighty proud! I was still in probationary period so I felt good of myself. Apart from this "medal" and recognition, there is a cash prize which I will not disclose.

I enjoy this moment while it lasted....


I know I made a post yesterday that I will be updating this blog starting from Project 365 (they are piling up now!). I was about to start uploading the pictures in my Flickr account but then the husband suddenly took over the laptop and before I can protest, he is playing his favorite game online! Hmp!

Since I was in a hurry as I will be attending a baptism yesterday, I just let him play but I'm not talking to him. Up to now I'm still not talking to him. Why? Let's just say that I have some issue with him and I'm not happy or thrilled about it.

Anyways, since I have the laptop to myself at the moment (yey!), I'm going to update now. Hang on...

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I've been so busy this week that I never got a chance to update my entries here. Apart from that, I also have a backlog with my Project 365 photos =(

Now that I'm free for the time being, I'm going to maximize it so I can lessen the tasks that I need to accomplish. Sigh! This is the BIG difference when you're working at a normal schedule versus the night shift. 

So let me get back to uploading the photos in my Flickr account. Once I'm done, I'm going to start the ball rolling in this blog ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 365 - 24th Day


This is the truck that regularly collects our garbage every Monday and Thursday.

Obviously I can't think of anything interesting to aim my BB camera so I ended up with this photo. In fairness to them they make it a point to organize and pile up the garbage bags at the back of the truck. I'm proud we have these people to help us with our trash. Five stars for all of you mga Kuyas!

Project 365 - 23rd Day

January 23

I so like this picture of us! It was taken last Sunday where we attended Paul Vincent's baptism in Mt. Carmel Church. Reception is in Max's Restaurant in Tomas Morato.

Our tummy is full with the good food from Max's. My diet was ruined that day...hahahaha! Good thing I'm motivated to exercise and be fit so I am positive that all the food that I ate on that day were burned by me through exercise ;)

Thanks to Brian for making me one of the 'ninangs' of his unico hijo.Welcome to the Christian World Vincent!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365 - 22nd Day

January 22

The new theme that I installed in my BB. It's an animated scene of a storm where the clouds are moving and the lightning keeps on flashing. It was rated high in the BB Apps World and I know the reason why. It's kinda cool and it's not the usual boring themes. I bet that I will be using this theme for a long time. I even made a joke to my officemate and told him that I have a BB "Storm" (literally speaking). Lol.

Technology can make things impossible, possible.

Project 365 - 21st Day

January 21

I took a picture of myself while inside a jeepney. This is my route every weekdays whenever I will be going home from work. Sometimes due to the tiredness and sleepiness, I ended up taking a nap inside the jeep. I know it's reckless and a stupid thong to do that but I can't help it.

During the time that I took this picture, I was not sleepy at all as I was enjoying the cool breeze in the highway since it's cloudy. It's like having a road trip. The only thing missing is the background music =P

Project 365 - 20th Day

January 20

At present, CJ (the one in the picture with me) is already in Dallas. This was taken in our office pantry as we gave her a surprise lunch treat. She will be working in our company's Dallas office and most likely she will be back in December. 

It's the first time that our company send a recruiter in the US to replace the American recruiters so imagine how important this is for her and for our team. We got to prove ourselves and show to the management that we are as good as the recruiters in the US. 

This reminds me that it's Monday today and it means that I'm going back to work. This time there's no CJ in the office to designate the assignments....

Friday, January 21, 2011


I was excited to see the deal in Deal Grocer for a 3D and 2N stay in Bellaroca which is good for 4 people. You only have to pay for Php 25,000! It was a good buy considering that the published rates in their website is way over our budget. I was even planning ahead like checking the dates and the flights available only to be disappointed. 

My sister and her bf decided not to push through with my idea of going there since they pointed out that the food is expensive. Unfortunately the deal that they are offering does not include meals. I am disheartened by this news.

Oh well, I'm sure there will be a "next time" for this deal. I just have to wait and pray that it will not take too long. I just have to convince myself that everything happens for a reason (which is true). I need a distraction to cheer me up....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365 - 19th Day

January 19

Tada! This is my workspace and I spent 9-10 hours of my life during weekdays in this nook. If you notice, I have a small pillow at the back of the monitor. I used that for taking naps during my break time.

The Starbucks mug which I used for having my own supply of water while working. Sometimes I put juice or soda on the mug but never a coffee since I'm not fond of drinking one.

The stack of papers on the right is the printed job orders that I worked and need to work on. The stack of papers on the left is the scratch papers that I recycled and made them my notepad.

I will miss surely miss this place....

Project 365 - 18th Day

January 18

I know you're wondering why I took a photo of our bathroom. I was planning to renovate it since I find it boring...hehehehe. It reminds me of the hospital bathrooms where it's all white and clean. Don't get me wrong, I like our bathroom to be clean it's just that I don't like the color white on the walls.

I already asked my husband to have it painted with a turquoise/ aqua shade. Apart from that we will put some fixtures on the walls for the toiletries and towels. Stay tune once this project of mine is done ;)

Project 365 - 17th Day

January 17

The purpose of this picture is to show this bag that my sister owns. It's really cute when you saw it in person. It's not branded but the pastel colors makes it look like a candy....hehehehe. It's a perfect bag for summer when you're simply going out with friends or to the malls.

Speaking of bags, my sister gave me one as her Christmas present. I'll took a picture of it and share it with you guys in the coming days.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 365 - 16th Day

January 16

This is what the "cubicle" looks like in Shui Spa. My sister and I went there to avail of the 90 minute body and foot massage that I bought in CashCashPinoy since the validity of the coupons is up to January 31st.

This massage treat serves as my Christmas gift to my sister. I'm also giving 2 coupons to my aunt and her husband so they can enjoy the massage just like we did.

I'm looking forward to have another massage. I was thinking of making it a habit to have a massage at least once a month to de-stress.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Business Opportunity: Milk & Co. Membership

Anyone who might be interested to be a dealer, just click the link below :)

Project 365 - 15th Day

January 15

It was an effort on my part and hubby to brave the rain and the traffic from Cavite going to Pasig just to be a part of this "get-together". All of the people on these pictures were my colleagues at the office. It's a "farewell" bonding in a good way for CJ who will be leaving on 22nd to work in Dallas. She will be the first from our team to have this kind of opportunity but she deserves it anyway. She's hardworking and pushing herself to the limit. I wish I can be like her but my priorities right now is not leaning to career. You want to know? It will be a secret for the time being.

Have a safe trip CJ if ever you happen to read this blog of mine....hehehehe.

Project 365 - 14th Day

January 14

Some of you may have seen this or some may not be familiar with this tag line. I visited a friend in Ortigas and we looked for a place to have our brunch. We ended up in Yellow Cab since this store is not yet open.

The store's name is ARMY NAVY and I know my sister told me about them. She said they are selling delicious burgers and burritos! Too bad I was not able to sample it. Maybe next time :)

Their mission is very catchy and intriguing, don't you think? 

Project 365 - 13th Day

January 13

I was checking for the accredited doctors and hospitals near our place since I need to look for a dentist, OB and Urologist.

I need a dentist for my tooth that needed to be extracted. An OB to have my reproductive organs check before the plan of having a baby starts. A Urologist for hubby to check if his kidneys are A-OK. We missed having our respective checkups last year so we need to do early this year.

I still need to call the secretary of my OB from TMC since I'm asking them to provide me a copy of my laboratory tests like the Pap Smear result. I've done that twice last 2009.

I hope to accomplished these before February ends. My schedule is tough to manage since I'm working at night.

Project 365 - 12th Day

Ahoy everyone! I never thought that taking pictures every single day and posting them can be so tedious =P

Anyways, I have never forgotten about this project. It's just that there are some instances that I would like to gather all the pictures and upload them at the same time rather than day by day...hehehe.

Let's keep the ball rolling....

January 12
Baby No More!

That's our "baby" who always wants to sleep in our room or outside our room. I guess she is used to seeing me and hubby during the day rather than my sister whom she gets to see at night. Look at her! She's all grown up. I'm guessing that she probably weighs 12-15 kilos. She's 5.5 months so in canine years, she's considered a pup. Once she reach 12 months, then she will be an adult. Sniff! I'm going to miss the round puppy that she was when she first came into our home.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Need to be Fit

I'm getting heavier and heavier as the days continue to pass by. This is not good =( 

It's evident in my body and a lot of people noticed it. Now where do I begin in having that body that I once have... For some reason food in my eyes and taste buds are irresistible and it's hard to ignore it. Sigh!

I need to discipline myself starting tomorrow. I'm going to eat fruits and oatmeal as a replacement for rice and I'm going to do some exercise at least twice a week. It's time to be healthy again.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project 365 - 11th Day

January 11

These are the Miniature Japanese Wooden Dolls that my sister bought in Old Street (Shanghai, China). I was with her when she bought this and boy, my sister really knew the craft of haggling unlike me...hahahaha!

Looking at them makes me smile and reminisce the days that I went to Shanghai when I visit my sister. I can't believe that it's almost one year.

Anyways, these dollies are standing proudly in our living room area along with the other Chinese/ Oriental stuff that my sister bought for display. Now I wonder what will be my next out of the country destination....

Project 365 - 10th Day

January 10

I got a Clinique Happy Heart Set last November from a friend whose been living in the US majority of his life. He is a good friend and I never thought that we could be one since I seldom see him in person and our meeting is not the usual story that you hear.

I guess "true friends" knows no distance. I was so happy when I received this gift box in Macy's paper bag. My colleague in the office who was sent off by our company to NJ/NY met my friend and he brought this paper bag at the office.

I was thinking of something to give back to my friend in return since his been so good to me the past 6 years. I already have something in mind which I know he will never see in the US. The problem will be the size though....hmmm...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It hurts so bad that it reminds me of my childhood where I have to endure the pain of toothache because I'm afraid of dentist. Up to now I'm still afraid of them  =(

I took a Mefenamic capsule to ease the pain. Hope it will work since I have to get some sleep before work. If only I have nothing important to do at the office today I would've taken a leave and go to the dentist to have this tooth extracted.

Or I can do it tomorrow...hmmm...If the pain doesn't stop by later this evening at work, I'm going to the dentist. I have to check the accredited dentists of my HMO.

Project 365 - 9th Day

Don't ask me what is the drama of this weighing scale...blame it on the owner which happens not to be me =P

I went last Sunday to visit a friend and when we went to our house I was in awe to see that most of her furniture and fixings have this "uniform" and that includes the mirrors in the bathroom and this weighing scale. She is super OC when it comes to cleanliness and coordination. Sigh!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365 - 8th Day

My very own timesheet at my workstation....ahahahaha! Fors the first week of January, I don't have any lates. Kudos to me! Thank you for no traffics and faster vans.

Hopefully I can keep this attitude in the next coming weeks :)

Project 365 - 7th Day

An effective prayer that was shared by one of the members in a yahoogroup where I belong. I always say this prayer last month in hopes of granting our very wish.....true enough, our prayer has been answered! It's either a coincidence or God had made a plan for us to have this very wish granted.

I plan to keep this prayer and I even shared it to a couple of friends. God is good indeed!

Project 365 - 6th Day

Inside this bag was supposed to be my lunch at work. Chicken pie from Banapple that is so yummy! I ended up bringing it at home since a good friend of mine asked me to have a lunch out with him together with another friend whose visiting us.

It was the first time he is going to treat me so I didn't decline. This is a once in lifetime event that I can't pass! Hahahaha.

The husband loves the chicken pie and asked me to buy some for him once he starts his training. It's affordable too, Php 65 and the pie is huge!

Project 365 - 5th Day

I'm trying to catch up with all the photos that I took from the past few days. Good thing my sister let me borrow her digi cam so I can bring it anytime ;)

One of the couple's pillowcases that I bought last 2009. I always make it a point to used the pillowcases depending on the color of our bedsheet and curtains at our room. Hehehehe.This is my favorite among the three pairs.

Project 365 - 4th Day

Oh no! White hair! Good thing I saw it instantly while I was busy checking myself in the mirror of my workstation. My very first white hair for 2011. Can this be a sign of aging?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project 365 - 3rd Day

This is the view from our 3rd floor living room area. When I took this picture yesterday, the wind is blowing through my hair. No need for us to use an AC unit. 

 (photo taken using BB 8520)

It was a quite and peaceful afternoon that makes me want to extend my leave.....hahahaha!

Project 365 - 2nd Day

My siblings and I were able to bond over the holidays by playing Wii Sports! It was fun and we shared a good laughs. I'm starting to miss them already :(

Maybe I can ask hubby to play Wii Sports this weekend. We are both young at heart ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365 - 1st Day

There's no better way to start this project rather than the first day of January. I decided to join the bandwagon in order to remember each days of my life for 2011.

So, for January 1st here's the photo I've taken:

flower in bloom

It's one of the flowers in a vase on top of our dining table. I took a picture of it since the colors are lovely and come January it is in full bloom. Reminds me to start the year right by being optimistic and enthusiast of the coming days ahead.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

I was not able to greet the visitors of my blog a Merry Christmas thus I'm making up to each one of you through this:

Happy New Year 2011

Cheers to a positive and fruitful New Year to all of us!