Sunday, December 19, 2010

The week that was....

Hello everyone! I'm still alive and this blog is still breathing...hahahaha! Since its December there are a lot of things that will keep you busy - parties, deadlines at work, shopping, reunions, etc.

Let's see the highlights of the past days in my buzz-y life:

December 4: I went to the Catholic christening of my college classmate/ barkada's daughter. I have another god children added in my list =P

December 13: It was our company's Christmas party! I hurriedly went to the mall in the morning to buy  a dress to wear. Had myself a foot spa and pedicure, I'm planning to have one again soon. I decided to go since the leads and the manager promised that we are not required to work on that day. We partied till 12 midnight then off we go to Music21 to sing our hearts out! I will post some pics to share in the next entries.

December 15: We have one-on-one meeting with our "Big Boss" who is an American. He visits every quarter to check with each members of our team and catch up with what's going on at work. He is really a hands-on director unlike other BPO companies.

December 17: I distributed the gifts for my colleagues at work. It was a good gift and a great buy! Thanks to Everyone loves the gift :) I still have a few more gifts to give to some of them who were on leave that day.

So there...most of the days I'm bust working or going to Human Nature to purchase some items that I will give to my friends and god children. I'm not dwelling on how much I spend but rather I'm thinking on how good it feels to give without asking for any return. After all, Christmas only happens once a year so I want to make the most of it.

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