Sunday, December 12, 2010

It will be a tiring day....

...but at the end, I know that I will enjoy myself despite the lack of sleep and rest. 

Hubby and I will meet each other later to watch Narnia, one of the few things that I look forward to. Then after that, we will meet my two girlfriends for bonding time! One of them will be leaving to Singapore to celebrate her son's 3rd birthday (he happens to be my god son) and to spend Christmas with her husband which is a good friend of mine since my "call center" days. 

I only took a nap earlier at work for an hour. I worked yesterday to cover a position that is urgent. I wonder if my effort of coming to work on a rest day will paid off. Hopefully it will (crossing fingers). 

So in a matter of minutes, the hectic afternoon will commence....

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