Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bye bye SonEric....Hello BB!

We got our bonus last Friday and boy oh boy we were all so happy! I didn't expect when I went to work that I will "compulsively" (?) bought myself a Blackberry Curve. =D
The unit is originally from my officemate and it's only a week old. He decided to sell it since he is used to BB Bold and he wants to buy the newest Bold 2.0. It took me hours before I finally gave in to buy the unit. After all, you can't buy a BB unit that is less than Php10k + the accessories that he bought for the unit like a 4GB memory card+2GB memory card, 2 casing for protection and a screen protector that is already installed on the unit. It was a good steal!

Today, I will be getting all my contacts from my Sony Ericsson W800i and transfer it to my BB. In fairness to my Sony Ericsson unit, it served me well for 5 years. Up to now, it's still functional except for the button for the camera and bite marks of our puppy. Other than that, you can still use it. I was thinking of keeping it because we had good memories together and it holds a sentimental value for me. That unit was the priciest that I ever bought for a phone! But I have no regrets since at that time when I bought it last 2005; it was an all around phone that everyone has been craving for. I'm a proud owner of W800i. It never failed me. Why I have the sudden feeling of not letting my W800i go?

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