Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bellevue Sale

Last Friday, my friends and I went to Grace Village for the famous Guess, Mossimo and Mango Sale. It was my first time to go there. We run a little late since I will be coming from the South so instead of 9am which is the agreed time that we were supposed to meet, we end up at 10:30 am instead =P

We arrived in the exact place almost 11am and boy, it was no joke when the email that was sent to the yahoogroup in which I'm a member, cautioning us that it will be jam-packed. It really is! Most of the people that I saw are still rummaging through the clothes on the tables while others are already falling in line. I assume that they are near the vicinity and probably they've been to the sale for the past years thus they know the drill.

I started off looking for shirts to be given as gifts for my brothers. Then blouses/shirts for my youngest sister. I didn't buy a pair of pants since you are not allowed to fit them so I disregard that in my list. You need to arm yourself with loads of patience and perseverance before you can see the EXIT sign...hehehehe. Hands down to the preggy moms that I saw in the venue who are looking for in children and babies clothing section. They have a lot of endurance.

For those who might want to check the place, here is some of the list of items that I gathered:

Adult Shirts  (Men or Women)          Php 290
Mossimo Leggings                            Php 290
Adult Jeans (Men or Women)           Php 500
Kid's Shirts                                      Php 190
Baby's Clothes                                 Php 160
Mossimo Body Spray                       Php 180

Apart from shirts and blouses, there's also perfume, bags, shoes, make-up that are on sale. For bags, they are offering 25% discount.

I end up buying 11 shirts, 2 leggings and 2 body sprays amounting to Php 4,130. The shirts that I bought are mixed of Guess and Mossimo. It's one of the best deals that I had since if you purchase these shirts in the mall, Php 4k will only give you 4-5 shirts.

I'm thinking if I should go back on December 5th for their last day of sale. This time, I will be coming with my sister and hopefully we can go there early but let's see if we can make it happen.

* Never bring kids on the venue. The place is humid since there are a lot of people in the clubhouse.I hear a lot of kids crying since it's hot and the fact that you have to squeeze your way to move around the sale items.
* Wear comfy clothes to avoid.
* If you purchase 10 items below, there's a separate line for you which is of course faster compared to the long line where I end up. There's only one cashier though and you have to pay in cash.
* Bring your own bag. The bags that they are lending to people is not enough so might as well bring your own so you can start stuffing your items.


Anonymous said...

When will the bazaar end this year?

Unknown said...

I think it's over na...I didn't went this year, sayang nga e