Monday, October 4, 2010


I discovered this online shopping last week and I'm thrilled that the items they are selling are a lot cheaper than those who are selling in Ebay and Multiply ;)

Since 2008 (if I remember it correctly), Korean and Japanese clothing are a big hit here in Manila. I was planning to buy some pieces but never pushed through since at that time, I have to spend my money wisely. Apart from that, I am not sure on how well the items will fit me if ever and if there's an exchange policy.

Good thing Versuaz has a return/ exchange policies which I think other sellers are not offering. I'm impressed. They are really giving 100% Customer Satisfaction and that's an edge to their competitors. It only means that they are taking good care of their customers and not to lose their trust. I also made a research about them and majority is positive feedbacks ;)

What's more they have ongoing promos that you might like to check out. They offer discounts for referrals, wholesale/bulk purchases and if you're planning to be a reseller of their goods.

I'm going to try this myself and let you know what happens to my online purchases. Stay tuned.

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