Wednesday, October 6, 2010


For those who have seen my status in FB and Plurk I was bitten by our pet puppy (she's the baby that I introduced in one of my entries last month). 

I was in our room Monday night taking a rest since I have a fever and a headache. Our puppy loves to roam around the house and sometimes she sleeps in our room. Well, that night she went to our room looking for a playmate. I didn't give her that attention that she needed so naturally, she will find ways for me to notice her so she playfully bite me on my right foot like she normally does when she wants to play. Apparently, her bite is harder than normal and I got a wound. The wound bleed and my husband hurriedly looked for Betadine to clean the wound. It's a wrong move according to the doctor when I seek medication the following day. His advice is that when you have a dog or animal bite, you have to immediately rinse it with water and soap. 

I end up having two shots of anti-rabies and two shots of anti-tetanus. For the anti-rabies, it cost me Php 650 in the Animal Bite Center near our place whereas for the anti-tetanus, I went to a hospital to get the vaccine. Good thing that my HMO shouldered the expenses for the two anti-tetanus shots.

Right now the puppy is on a leash inside our home, sometimes we let her go outside and tie the leash in a window to sustain her. So far she's not showing any changes on behavior. Though I was bitten by our "baby" I know she meant no harm and I'm praying and hoping that she's not positive on rabies.

I am scheduled for 3 more sessions for the anti-rabies shots. It doesn't hurt at all if that's what you want to know. I find the anti-tetanus shots more hurtful and some people I know who's been on my situation before agrees.


ladyviral said...

Time to get it a chewy toy. It must be teething.

Unknown said...

Yup, indeed she is teething. She actually has two bone chew toys but that doesn't appeal to her.

Anyways, I will have my 2nd session of shot tomorrow...