Sunday, October 17, 2010

14 - Day Challenge....My Verdict

After participating in the 14-days challenge of Pantene wherein they sent me a sample of NEW Pantene Hair Fall Control, here are my conclusions:

1. Indeed it proves that it lessen the hair fall when you used the shampoo.
2. It leaves my hair dull. I was thinking that maybe the shampoo and conditioner is not ideal for my hair. 

So there you are, the results based on my own experience. Of course I acknowledge the fact that not all hair are equal and that others may find this Pantene variant an answered prayer for them. I guess this type of Pantene shampoo and conditioner doesn't sit well with my hair.

I have a hunch though if I got the other Pantene variant then probably I will have a different story to tell about my Pantene experience. I forgot what kind of Pantene shampoo it was. All I know is that Carla Abellana endorses that variant (see commercial video below):

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