Sunday, October 3, 2010


I can't believe it but it's true...Either the weighing scale is lying or it's just me in denial.... I think it's probably true, the figures is consistent to what my body looks like now. Sigh!

From 93 pounds when I started joining a new company (which was last March) from a whopping 103 pounds! That's 10 pounds for 7 months! Arrrgghh! Though a lot of my friends say that I'd still look good regardless of the extra cellulite in my body but of course I want to be in good shape like I used to be (pops into my mind my Boracay body last June 2009).
That's why I'm going to go back to Hip Hop Abs which really works for me. Now I have to set my mind for an aching body tomorrow after this workout. I have to set my mind now for a  "No Pain, No Gain" motto.

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