Thursday, September 23, 2010


The website supporting my counter is gone! Finish! Kapoot!

I created another counter and since it's new then I'm starting back again from the beginning. Tsk! Let's see how many visitors I can gather this time around. 

I'm making an effort updating my blog now unlike before wherein I'm so lazy to connect on the internet and my mind completely gets blank when I opened the editor of my blog. 

But now, I have a lot of things to tell. I just have to make it a point to remind myself and remember all the things I want to write. 

I still owe you the complete travelogue of my Shanghai trip that goes way way back (Chinese New Year to be specific). Since my sister is already here in Manila for good, I'm going to ask her about the places we've visited. Chinese names sounds the same so I got all of them mixed up or worst I completely forgot the names.
Anyways, thank you for my fellow bloggers who never fails to visit my site every once in awhile. In the next coming days, I will visit your blog and leave comments as well to keep in touch with all of you.

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