Sunday, September 26, 2010


I just found out in the news a couple of days back that GSP or George St. Pierre of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) will be coming to Manila for a visit! For those whose been watching UFC, you definitely know this guy as he made a mark in Mixed Martial Arts world.

One of my friend/colleague at work decided to go to the Music Hall of Mall of Asia to see GSP personally. I was planning not to go but changed my mind and accompanied her for an hour. When we arrived in the venue, people are busy setting up the place. There's a few crowd that have gathered wanting to be the lucky firsts to get inside once the "arena" has been opened. I can't wait for GSP to arrive since I have a lot of agenda yesterday so I told my friend to tag me in FB for the pics :)

Oh boy, I'm excited as a kid to show the uploaded photos on her FB account. Snagged some of it:

Welcome GSP in Manila


George St. Pierre
He is a Canadian with humble beginnings. 
Worked as a bouncer and a garbageman in order to pay for his school fees.

What a Hunk!
What a hunk! He is the current Welterweight Champion of UFC (swoon)

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