Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Baby

We are not talking about a human baby here :)  May I present the puppy that my sister bought three weeks ago. She's a cross breed of golden retriever and collie. At first when she arrived in our home, she was scared and keeps following my sister whenever she goes. She's afraid to be touch by other people.

But after weeks of staying with us, she's now comfortable and keeps on following me and my husband since she sees the two of us more compared to my sister. As we speak, she's right outside my bedroom door waiting for me to open it for her. She has this habit of playing and sleeping in the bed since it's soft (she discovered it when she's sleeping in my sister's room). Like a parent to a child, I don't want her to get used to that habit which she will bring eventually when she's older so I always keep the door in our room closed. I can just imagine how chaotic it can be having an adult dog inside a bedroom.

Here's a few snapshots that I have of her...

A still photo of Poochie 
(Yeah, that's her name. My sister is the mastermind for that name).

Hubby took this picture while I was eating dinner.

Isn't she adorable? She's naughty and playful. You will know if she's not feeling well when she doesn't move around and prefers to sleep under the couch. She came to us weighing 2.4 kg. Last Saturday when we visited her vet, she weighs 3.3 kg! She's definitely growing fast in the span of 3 weeks ;)

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