Friday, September 24, 2010

Manila International Book Fair 2010

Last Friday I went off to SMX to check out this book fair that everyone has been raving about. I was hoping to find some good steals as Christmas present for my godchildren. It was my first time to be on that fair.

Upon entering the fair premise, the National Bookstore booth will greet you. They have the biggest space in the fair. I also saw the St. Scholastica booth on the left side while the Logico (I think) is on the right side together with other encyclopedia publications.

I didn't stay for long as I need to get home as early as possible for me to have my sleep. I just went to the booths that I'm familiar with and didn't lounge for more than 5 minutes. It was a brief visit, so to speak.

I was fascinated with the books that I saw on the right most part of the venue. I forgot the publication's name but they have Jumbo coloring books that cost Php 80+ while the paper dolls costs Php 180+. I almost bought the children's bible for my brother and sister but decided to let it go. It costs Php 300+. There are books which featured Filipino stories that cost Php 50-80. After going around on that area and contemplating whether to buy or not, I came up with the decision of not buying anything for the kids. Instead, I went back to National Bookstore and purchase my own books instead (selfish me!).

I splurged (sheepish grin) and bought nine books...

Sophie Kinsella - Mini Shopaholic (Php 615)
Sophie Kinsella - Twenties Girl (Php 275)
Paulo Coelho - Alchemist  and The Zahir (Php 245)
All Nicholas Sparks' books are at Php 315
Ben Sherwood - Charlie St. Cloud (Php 299)

Since I spent over Php 2,500 (yikes!), I'm entitled to get some freebies from National Bookstore. On their Customer Service section, I was asked to draw 4 plastic balls where it has a corresponding item. And here's what I got:

Will I be going to the fair next year? Definitely! But I will need to do some research on the publications and the things that I want to buy. Ahahaha! Obviously I've been a compulsive buyer on the fair. No regrets since I love reading books since I'm in grade school. Till next year.


carlamaldita said...

so inggit! wanted to go but put it off till the last day tas biglang i needed to go somewhere that time ayun di ako nakapunta.

Unknown said...

di bale sis, may next year pa naman ;)