Monday, September 27, 2010

Kiddie Stuff for Christmas

Three months to go and it's Christmas! Time for giving and sharing and most especially it's the time of the year for kids. Yes, that's right. This season is really meant for the kids since it's the birth of Jesus Christ and the fact that Santa Clause showers them gifts for being a good boy or girl. Sometimes I do wish that I was a kid where it's stress free and laidback.

I haven't started my Christmas shopping. I'm planning to do it next month. I have more or less 18 god children but some of them are out of the country so immediately I will cross them out in my list but majority of them are still here in the Philippines so I'm thinking of giving them each of a kids backpack or personalized duffle bag so they can use it whenever they go out. It's a good thing that both of these bags can be personalized. I just hope that some of them will appreciate it since I like giving gifts that are useful. I don't like to give toys anymore since they will outgrow it eventually. Before I get ahead of myself, budget is an important factor for me to consider if I can really get them these as presents. If only money is not so hard to find nowadays.

Apart from the Christmas presents that I'm trying to accomplished, another one is finding an affordable landscape for the front garden of our house. We don't have a fence or a gate yet in front so we are considering having plants for the time being. I'm about to read the Dallas lawn maintenance to educate myself about landscaping and taking care of a garden. I'm not sure if I have a green thumb so I might as well prepare myself for the basics of gardening.

How come there's so much to do with such a little time?

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