Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bouncing Back

I'm back!!!! And it feels so good! Two reasons that I am not online and don't have much updates on this blog.

First, blog sites and forums and the like are blocked in our office so there's no way I can be able to post anything. Almost all the sites in the office are blocked - shopping sites, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. 

Second, we lost our internet connection since I completely forgot to pay for it. I have these calculations in my head, allotting the expenses that I missed the internet service. Sigh!

I can't wait to start filling this up with the things that has been happening in my life and in between. But for the time being, I will need to take a nap since I haven't sleep yet since I came from work. 

Later in the evening, I will begin posting some stories of what happened on the past weeks.

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