Friday, August 27, 2010

Triple Celebration

Last August 8, my family went out for lunch to celebrate three events: (1) my birthday; (2) my brother's birthday and; (3) my sister home coming from Shanghai.

We all troop down to Alabang Town Center for a hearty lunch. The only missing person in our group is my mother whose busy attending her sari-sari store but of course, we didn't forget her. We ordered a take-out food to brought home for her.

Since the date falls on Sunday, there's a queue in Gerry's Grill. We had our lunch at 2pm instead of the usual lunch time. Anyways, most of the food are good except for the grilled squid so the long wait is worth it somehow.

We all went home with a happy tummy. Hopefully in the future we can all go together for an out of town trip or better yet an out of the country vacation :)  These are the moments that I looked forward to when I'm with my family. They have flaws but this is where I belong and I couldn't ask for any other family.

Cheers to more celebrations and milestones in our lives! :)


ladyviral said...

It is always nice to eat with the family ^_^.

Unknown said...

I know :) And it feels good to be in the company of the people who really cares for you.

Judy said...

Hi there! Belated birthday greetings! Family eat outs are always fun and memorable. :) said...

Belated B'day and thanks for nice share.