Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's my month

It's August and though it means a rainy and stormy month I still heart it :)

Of course, it's my birth month and so is my brother so we shared the limelight at this time in the calendar...hehehehe. But seriously, when it's my birthday I always end up celebrating it the whole month. Yeah, it's a killer on my wallet but anyways I like happy moments amidst the gloomiest weather so it's all worth it :)

I need to prepare now as I am going to a baptismal ceremony with a new found friend. What excites me most is the reception venue which will be in Island Cove ;) It's my first time to be there and hopefully it doesn't rain so I can get to swim and take loads of pictures.

My wish for this month is to post a lot of entries! Say, let's start of aiming for a 15 posts? We'll see...

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