Thursday, August 5, 2010


That's my age and I am celebrating it right now. Well, I actually celebrated it the office earlier with my colleagues. It was fun and simple lunch in our office pantry. 

I was touched that they gave me this card with all their wishes and greetings....awww...In a short span of time that I've known some of them, I can say that I found another set of friends that I will treasure. They are the very reason why the graveyard shift is bearable for me. Not to mention that we keep each other awake the whole time sparing us from insanity...hehehehe.

 I can say that we are all goofballs when we are together...

Thank You for making my birthday an extra special one.


Rocks said...

Happy Birthday sis!!! May the Lord bless you always!

Kero said...

this may come late but not everybody turns 30 so still i want to greet you a very rockin 30 years more hehehee

many happy returns of the day!

Judy said...

Hi! First time to comment on your blog :) Being 30 is cool-er, really :) Have a great year ahead and enjoy!