Sunday, July 11, 2010

Need Memory

I was not able to get an update much on my blog (what's new?). I'm almost done running back and forth for the things that need to be settle concerning my sister's property. Finally I can be able to go home early unlike before where I always end up sacrificing my sleeping hours and hopefully I can return back to my regular blogging habit. I miss those times where my blog is updated everyday.

Just when things are starting to slowly getting back on track my laptop's memory got busted. Yeah, it has 1GB memory but right now it's running on 512MB hence the boot-up process is slow and navigating within Windows is slow. You might be wondering how was I able to get online? Well, thanks t the 3 MBPS of Sun's USB internet and the fact that a lot of people are sleeping at this time so I got a chance to surf and blog :)  Sooner or later when everyone is awake, my internet will be sluggish so I'm just grabbing this chance for me top update whatever I want to update ;)

Pretty soon I will need to buy a new memory for this "baby" of mine. At this point, I can't afford to buy a new laptop with all the things I need to accomplish in furnishing our 3rd floor space. And besides my laptop is still in good working condition, I just need an additional memory for it to keep running like it used to be. 

If only people can upgrade memory just like laptops and computers then most of us will be more efficient and definitely there will be no such thing as amnesia or memory gap =P

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Lisa Valentine said...

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