Friday, July 30, 2010

Movie Night Out

Last Monday, July 26 our company had a movie night out for it's employees. I was told by my colleagues that every quarter there's a movie treat and food for everyone. We watched The Last Airbender where it featured Noah Ringer as Aang. 

A lot of my colleagues/ friends noticed that Noah is lacking of acting skills. Well his not really an actor to begin with and this is the first acting gig that he had. His a young taekwando practitioner who sent his his homemade video showing his martial skills and that's the reason he got the role of the Avatar.

I'm sure his acting skills will improve on the franchise movie. 

Now back to the movie itself, for most parts the effects are good but if your going to compared it to the TV series which I watched every episodes, you will be disappointed in a way. It only proves that there's always  limitation and technology is not an exception. Apart from that, the movie was briefly summarized. I can't blame the director because for Book 1 there are like 20-24 episodes that they need to squeeze into a 2-hour film. It's really tough to say the least.

I will  give the movie 3.5 out of 5 for the effects and for making Appa so adorable on the film :)

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