Monday, July 5, 2010

High School

Last Saturday I had a chance to reunite with my former Junior highschool classmates. Here's a picture of our class that I snag from Tere on her FB account:

Can you pinpoint where I am? =P

And here's a pic taken last Saturday...we are not complete compared to the above picture but at least we had loads of fun and of course it's a dinner treat of Troy who just came back from Manila ;)

Some of us didn't change much except maybe for the size of our body and weight...hahahaha!

That evening was full of laughter and stories and memories. After that dinner I realized how much I missed my high school life. I really had a blast with these people on my Junior year. I can say that it's my most favorite year in high school. Sigh!
Anyways, they are cooking up another reunion for August and it will be an overnight event. Now my problem is that I'm not sure if my husband will give me a GO signal. His kinda strict when it comes to overnight out-of-town trip. I had a feeling that I'm not the only one who will have this problem...hehehehe. Growing up comes a load of responsibilities ayt?!

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