Sunday, June 13, 2010

We're Moving!

After months of processing the papers and the payments, we are finally moving in to our new home! Well, it's actually my sister's home but we decided to share the monthly amortization and the space since it's a 3-storey property.

I already set a schedule for the service van who will get our things and transfer it over to our niche. We haven't started packing though =P I still need to buy a few storage boxes before we can start packing.

Also, my mother advice me to bring the ff. things when moving - rice grains, rock salt and water. She gave me the instruction that those are the things that I have to bring FIRST when entering our new home. It's for prosperity and abundance.
I will surely miss this place that we rented for two years. I will miss the accessibility and the fact that it's near to everything! 

Oh well, it's time that I put my hard-earned money into something that I have always dreamed of. Who knows, in the future I can be able to get a condo unit for investment. All I need is positivity and motivation. Yeah, these dreams are the ones that drive me to work harder. 

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Amelia said...

congrats!!! God bless you :)