Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Water

Everything is good with regards to our move-in last Monday. The only glitch is the fact that we don't have a water supply. The water provider in the area told us that they will install the meter and fix everything on Friday. I don't know the reason why it's taking too long for them to process our application for the water. Sigh!

Good thing we have a good neighbor who is willing to share their supply of water. Yup, you heard me right, SHARE. We are willing to give them some money in exchange for the water that we will be fetching from their faucets but they decline. Bless them for being so good. 
Another thing is the temperature inside the house is a little bit hot. I miss our AC. We have not installed it yet so we are using just the electric fan. I just hope that I can sleep well this time since my head is aching from all the hours I've lost in my sleep time. I even bought myself 5 capsules of Sleepasil just to try it. In really needed my 8 hours sleep but this weekdays will not be those days. I still have to process some papers for the Final Phase of acquiring the house and lot my sister bought. Too tired to think all about it...

1 comment:

carlamaldita said...

hirap ng walang tubig sis!
i hope makabitan na kayo asap!