Sunday, June 6, 2010

Apartment for Rent in Makati

Just a short advertisement and who knows, someone out there might be interested. Our days in our current apartment are numbered. Soon we will be leaving this "nest" that we have stayed for 2 years. 

For those looking for an apartment to rent in Makati, ours are up for grabs ;)

I'm helping our landlady to look for the future tenants of this apartment. I'll give the description as accurate as I can:
- It's comparable to a studio unit with 2nd floor.
- The 2nd floor serves as the bedroom while the ground floor serves as either a kitchen or a living room.
- It has a bathroom which is located at the back.
- It has no car garage
- It is suitable for single or couples. Call center agents will like this place.If you have a child, this might be a problem...for me 3 it's a little bit crowded.
- It is 15 minutes away from Makati CBD. 
- Transportation is jeepney, tricycle and taxi cabs.
- It is near the barangay hall so it is safe. Plus the light posts in the area are always lit up. 

Leave me a message if you are interested. Thanks!
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