Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Vote

I forgot to share our experience when we finally exercise our right to vote last May 10. It was our (hubby and me) first time to vote and boy I was nervous when we went to the precint. I was creating images of myself being a goofball inside the classroom. Pessimisitc kicks in, I know.

On the election day, the husband and I were watching the news at 6am since we have no idea on when the voting will start. I was surprised to know that it starts at 7am (wow! it's early). Hurriedly I asked the husband to be there at 7am in the elementary school near to our apartment. It was so near that it will not take you 5 minutes to go there. The husband is busy playing a game in the laptop so I have to wait for him to finish. Wait a minute, he was not able to finish the game since I keep bugging him to go to the school. After all, voting is more important than playing a game where his the only one who is happy, right? =P

We went to the school past 8am and there were a lot of people roaming around looking for their respective precincts. Lucky for us that there's a PPCRV table that serves as an information desk for the voters questions. After getting our precinct number, off we went to the room number where we should get our ballots. Unfortunately we have to wait on the other room right next to it due to the limited number of voters that the classroom can accommodate. When we checked the other room also called as the "waiting room", there's a lot of people waiting already. Ugh! Hubby and I agreed to come back late afternoon since we don't want to wait for our turn and also the weather is so hot on that day.

After learning that COMELEC extended the voting period until 7pm, I decided to visit my parent's house at around 4pm. Lucky me there is no traffic so it took me less than an hour to get there. After spending 30 minutes at my parent's house, I hurriedly bid them goodbye and off I went to get a taxi to get back to our place. I was just in time and still have an hour and 10 minutes to vote ;)

Hubby and I hurriedly went back to the school ans went straight to our precinct. We were happy that there's only a few people left and what's more no waiting lines can be seen like before. It took us 5 minutes to vote and I was happy to finally done it. 

I asked the husband to took a pic of our tainted finger as a proof:

souvenir of first time-voters :)

The indelible ink used by COMELEC is pretty stubborn. Until now I still have the ink (although lesser) on my right point finger. Oh well, it will come off eventually but I can't help myself and be proud that I was finally able to vote after 12 years.

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