Friday, May 14, 2010

I love SUN

Wooohooo! I finally CAN and BE ABLE to blog like I used to. Thanks to the USB internet and my oh my I so heart Sun's wireless broadband. I've tried using Smart Broadband (also a USB internet) and it was like surfing on the net through dial-up connection.

Last night the husband was able to play DOTA using the plug for like 45 minutes I think. However it was short lived when the connection fluctuate. Oh well, I told him that the USB internet is not for gaming, he was just plain stubborn. On the other hand, he was able to read the Japanese mangas his been religiously reading every week. That ought to keep him occupied at home and of course keeping him away from the internet cafes here in the neighborhood....hehehehe.

I just hope that the speed and signal of Sun Wireless Broadband will be continuous. I was told by the staff in The Sun Shop in Parksquare 1 that the signal of their internet is different from the signal used for the mobile phones. I thank them for doing that because a lot of people here in Manila are using Sun sim if they want to spend less on SMS and calls from their mobile phones. So far I like the connection of their internet. It's perfect for browsing the internet, checking emails and blogging. Downloading videos or games is a different story. It took me an hour to download a game for my husband's niece. Maybe I should try downloading on a different time....say around 3-4am where majority of the people is asleep (?).

In case you want to know the package I bought for SUN internet, we took the Plan Lite 350 where we have 45 hours of internet every month. If in case the hours are consumed, we can used a Prepaid internet equivalent to Php50 where you can surf all day ;)  The good thing about this package is that there's no holding period so if you are tired or suddenly want to change for a better internet service, you can easily terminate it. 

I just provided one valid ID and an application form to avail this "baby". Also, I paid 2 months advance of the service and the Sun modem. Total cash out is Php 1,588. Not bad in my opinion. 

Anyways, I will continue the draft of my Shanghai escapade so I can post it. It's so long overdue. I know. I always tell that....procrastinator...sigh!

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