Friday, May 28, 2010

Beach and Sand

Tomorrow and on Sunday is our company summer outing. It's been planned since March and everyone in the office is buzzing around with excitement. That's what I gather from yesterday's shift. I'm not sure if the anticipation is still there when I report for work today since it's been raining for like...I'm not sure when. I was asleep since lunchtime and just woke up hearing rain pounding on our window sills.

I just hope that tomorrow will be a different scenario. For the first time, I prayed that the king sun will shine through. It's my last hurray for summer and it seems that the rainy season is about to start....sooner than I expected.

I know I haven't much updated my blog. The 45 hours of my SUN internet plan are all used up so fast! Right now I'm using the 24 hours unlimited which is worth Php50. This load will end soon.

Anyways, I've got a lot of stories all piled up one after the other. It's overwhelming and I don't know where to start. Sigh! Too bad that we have to report for work on Monday. US on the other hand is on holiday...they are celebrating Memorial Day. Now it's their turn to have a long weekend =P

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Vote

I forgot to share our experience when we finally exercise our right to vote last May 10. It was our (hubby and me) first time to vote and boy I was nervous when we went to the precint. I was creating images of myself being a goofball inside the classroom. Pessimisitc kicks in, I know.

On the election day, the husband and I were watching the news at 6am since we have no idea on when the voting will start. I was surprised to know that it starts at 7am (wow! it's early). Hurriedly I asked the husband to be there at 7am in the elementary school near to our apartment. It was so near that it will not take you 5 minutes to go there. The husband is busy playing a game in the laptop so I have to wait for him to finish. Wait a minute, he was not able to finish the game since I keep bugging him to go to the school. After all, voting is more important than playing a game where his the only one who is happy, right? =P

We went to the school past 8am and there were a lot of people roaming around looking for their respective precincts. Lucky for us that there's a PPCRV table that serves as an information desk for the voters questions. After getting our precinct number, off we went to the room number where we should get our ballots. Unfortunately we have to wait on the other room right next to it due to the limited number of voters that the classroom can accommodate. When we checked the other room also called as the "waiting room", there's a lot of people waiting already. Ugh! Hubby and I agreed to come back late afternoon since we don't want to wait for our turn and also the weather is so hot on that day.

After learning that COMELEC extended the voting period until 7pm, I decided to visit my parent's house at around 4pm. Lucky me there is no traffic so it took me less than an hour to get there. After spending 30 minutes at my parent's house, I hurriedly bid them goodbye and off I went to get a taxi to get back to our place. I was just in time and still have an hour and 10 minutes to vote ;)

Hubby and I hurriedly went back to the school ans went straight to our precinct. We were happy that there's only a few people left and what's more no waiting lines can be seen like before. It took us 5 minutes to vote and I was happy to finally done it. 

I asked the husband to took a pic of our tainted finger as a proof:

souvenir of first time-voters :)

The indelible ink used by COMELEC is pretty stubborn. Until now I still have the ink (although lesser) on my right point finger. Oh well, it will come off eventually but I can't help myself and be proud that I was finally able to vote after 12 years.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Belated Greetings

I know it's kinda late and I was never been able to blog hop for the past 2 months so I am so sorry to all my blogger friends but hey, it's better to be late than never to greet the mommy bloggers  a...

Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease.  
I guess all mothers are like's synonymous to multi-tasking :) 

Kudos to all the mothers in the world, whether they are stay-at-home or working moms. 
Belated Happy Mother's Day!!!

I love SUN

Wooohooo! I finally CAN and BE ABLE to blog like I used to. Thanks to the USB internet and my oh my I so heart Sun's wireless broadband. I've tried using Smart Broadband (also a USB internet) and it was like surfing on the net through dial-up connection.

Last night the husband was able to play DOTA using the plug for like 45 minutes I think. However it was short lived when the connection fluctuate. Oh well, I told him that the USB internet is not for gaming, he was just plain stubborn. On the other hand, he was able to read the Japanese mangas his been religiously reading every week. That ought to keep him occupied at home and of course keeping him away from the internet cafes here in the neighborhood....hehehehe.

I just hope that the speed and signal of Sun Wireless Broadband will be continuous. I was told by the staff in The Sun Shop in Parksquare 1 that the signal of their internet is different from the signal used for the mobile phones. I thank them for doing that because a lot of people here in Manila are using Sun sim if they want to spend less on SMS and calls from their mobile phones. So far I like the connection of their internet. It's perfect for browsing the internet, checking emails and blogging. Downloading videos or games is a different story. It took me an hour to download a game for my husband's niece. Maybe I should try downloading on a different time....say around 3-4am where majority of the people is asleep (?).

In case you want to know the package I bought for SUN internet, we took the Plan Lite 350 where we have 45 hours of internet every month. If in case the hours are consumed, we can used a Prepaid internet equivalent to Php50 where you can surf all day ;)  The good thing about this package is that there's no holding period so if you are tired or suddenly want to change for a better internet service, you can easily terminate it. 

I just provided one valid ID and an application form to avail this "baby". Also, I paid 2 months advance of the service and the Sun modem. Total cash out is Php 1,588. Not bad in my opinion. 

Anyways, I will continue the draft of my Shanghai escapade so I can post it. It's so long overdue. I know. I always tell that....procrastinator...sigh!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I just found out last week that blogger is blocked in the office! And some blogs are blocked as well that I can no longer visit them :(

I haven't posted much since March or is it February? And now it will make my postings lesser and lesser... Horror!

As soon as I received my backpay (which will be tomorrow) I am planning to buy a USB internet plug so I can get online at home and surf the blogs to my heart's content without any messages telling me that it is blocked.

So much is happening with my life and aI don't know where to start. Plus, I haven't finisihed my travelogue about Shanghai! I'm swamped with a lot of things to write =P

So sorry for the long delay and less updates here. I wish I can have the luxury of time as before...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dark Clouds

And I thought that happy moments are here to stay for good.... Turns out that as husband and wife we will be facing another "bump" on the road. Nothing too serious that will lead to annulment nor there's a 3rd party involved it's just that some dreams are starting to blossom, we have to sacrifice something in return. I can't tell what it is but soon....if it's definite and when it's right in our faces I will divulge what it is.

I just hope that in the long run, the sacrifice will be all worth it and I hope that nothing will change between us. I'm still hopeful that there will be another way to resolve the issue and that sacrifice is no longer needed. We still have a month to fogure out how.... Oh I hope destiny and fate will be on our side....