Friday, April 16, 2010


I still owe you fellow bloggers the continuation of my Shanghai story. I vow and promis that I will create the drafts this weekend so I can continuously post them next week.

But for now I just want to rant our electricity bill for this month. It was unbelievably sky-rocketed high. It went more than I expected. I was thinking that I 'll probably pay a price arounf Php 2,500 but I was wrong. So wrong that I still cant get it out of my mind up to this point and even wondering how it ended up on a staggering Php 3,800! Yeah! That's our electricity bill. What is astonishing is that it's only me and hubby who is at home.

We had used AC last year during summer season but it didn't end up on Php3k range. Now is a different story....Sigh!

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Gracie said...

grabe the price increase of Meralco no?