Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Blogger

I guess I can consider myself like one. Ever since I transferred on another company, I'm having a hard time to blog. I was hoping to finish my Shanghai stories to no avail. Sigh! Sorry for those who are waiting to read them. I am trying very hard to complete the day-to-day story as soon as I have a spare time.

I guess this is a sacrifice I have to make for changing companies. My job responsibilities here are greater compared before. It doesn't help that my work schedule is at night so you see, I can't hardly think when morning comes. I am either tired or my brain doesn't want to work.

I was thinking of getting a USB internet just soI can keep my blogs updated on weekends in case I can't blog on weekdays...Hmmm...So much had happened the past few days that I was not able to share.

Oh well...guess I have to really find a way to post one or two posts each week. But honestly,I missed the blogger I used to be :(

1 comment:

Rocks said...

sis, hassle ang work sa blogging no? hehe!:) but anyways..hope you get back soon to the blogger you are!