Saturday, April 24, 2010

Off to Pansol, Laguna

That's right! Me with hubby and friends are going to take some time to relax and enjoy the summer by renting a private pool in Pansol, Laguna. We all needed a break from the tedious and hectic work that we do that's why it's a must for us to simply enjoy life. Yes! Finally a moment to simply chatter and fool around.

Sorry I can't post anything on my travelogue in Shanghai. It's way overdue, I know. Blame it on me for being lazy and being detailed in sharing my travel experiences. Sigh.

I hope I can get back to that so I am done and you all don't have to wait forever =P

Friday, April 16, 2010


I still owe you fellow bloggers the continuation of my Shanghai story. I vow and promis that I will create the drafts this weekend so I can continuously post them next week.

But for now I just want to rant our electricity bill for this month. It was unbelievably sky-rocketed high. It went more than I expected. I was thinking that I 'll probably pay a price arounf Php 2,500 but I was wrong. So wrong that I still cant get it out of my mind up to this point and even wondering how it ended up on a staggering Php 3,800! Yeah! That's our electricity bill. What is astonishing is that it's only me and hubby who is at home.

We had used AC last year during summer season but it didn't end up on Php3k range. Now is a different story....Sigh!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Blogger

I guess I can consider myself like one. Ever since I transferred on another company, I'm having a hard time to blog. I was hoping to finish my Shanghai stories to no avail. Sigh! Sorry for those who are waiting to read them. I am trying very hard to complete the day-to-day story as soon as I have a spare time.

I guess this is a sacrifice I have to make for changing companies. My job responsibilities here are greater compared before. It doesn't help that my work schedule is at night so you see, I can't hardly think when morning comes. I am either tired or my brain doesn't want to work.

I was thinking of getting a USB internet just soI can keep my blogs updated on weekends in case I can't blog on weekdays...Hmmm...So much had happened the past few days that I was not able to share.

Oh well...guess I have to really find a way to post one or two posts each week. But honestly,I missed the blogger I used to be :(

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Earth and Energy

Last  March 27 of 2010 we participated in the yearly Earth Hour where everyone is asked to turn off the lights or better yet the electricity for an hour in order to save energy. In my opinion, this practice should be done monthly, not yearly. It's up to the countries all over the world on how they will make it a reality.

On a different note, there's a breakthrough ín technology that N-Viro developed and licensed under their name. When I first heard of it, I couldn't believe it myself. They have patented processes in which they used lime and other minerals combusted by-products to covert waste water and other bio-organic waste into biomineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products with real market value. That means an alternative energy source and opportunity fuels that is not harmful to the environment. Amazing isn't it? For those people living in remote places without any source of electricity, a possible clean coal can be used for their daily living.
Thanks to these latest discovery of turning waste to energy we have now a renewable energy that is readily available. I think it's about time for us to discover and make use of our earthly resources to come up with ways of helping our Mother Earth to survive for future generations to enjoy. .

To learn more about this technology, simply visit their site -

Day 2: Dinner in Hooters

Ooopppss...late posting again from me. I wish I can post the stories continuoslt but my "new work"demands a lot of time and attention unlike before. Anyways, I will try to finish Day 3 by Sunday (I'm crossing my fingers).

Now, on to the story...

DAY 2 - February 15, 2010: I'm not exactly sure if we took a cab or walk our way to the Grand Mall located near the Oriental Pearl Tower. Hmm... I think we are walking since there is a near train station on that area. Everyone has these trudging steps...surely all of us are tired from the skiing and nobody is talking that much unlike before.It was windy and cold still.. I hurriedly look for the entrance of the mall for cover. Same with my sister and her friends.

On the mall, we look for a restaurant or a fast food chain where we can eat. Instead, we find ourselves looking through the  displays of electric gadgets and appliances which happens to be on sale. We just browsed through the items and check the prices but there is no intention of buying =P   After roaming the store for an hour, my sister's guy friend asked us to start looking for a place to eat. We went up a floor or two and this time find ourselves in a sports shop where it housed all the brands like Adidas, Nike, Converse, etc. My sister and I were looking for some sale items like shoes or shirts thinking of our families back in Manila but it seems that the prices will not qualify as a "sale price"basing from my sister and her friends'standards. Guess, they've stayed long in Shnaghai to know the difference ;)

After spending 30 minutes going around in circles around the store, we all went down and found ourselevs in the ground floor. This time, they decided for us to eat dinner at Hooters which is located outside the mall. It's still windy cool when we force ourseleves to walk just to have our dinner.

Finally, comfort awaits us as soon as I look through the door of Hooters! I know that it's warmer inside since the Hooter girls are all wearing tank tops and teeny weeny shorts.

We found a table for our group and started ordering. While waiting for our food to arrive my sis and her friends took turns of taking our picture...

Then the Hooter girls came to our table... I wonder what they want from my sister's guy friend....Hmmm...

They want him to participate in their "performance". Unfortunately, the guy doesn't to do that and suggest that one of the girls on our table to do it...hehehehe. The hooter girl is annoyed so she didn't push the idea at all.

Here's a pic of their "performance"....

Your probably wondering what they are singing....Make a guess...
Sunshine, you are my sunshine...You make me happy when sunshine cames....

I'm not sure if all the Hooters girls around the world sing nursery rhymes as their performance to their guests per table but anyways, it only proves that they are wholesome despite the outfit....ahem!

A sneak peek of Hooter's Shanghai...

We had a hearty meal and some of the dishes were good. There are other expats dining ang drinking beer in the place. I guess, Hooters is the place to be to undwind from a sftressful day at work!

Before completely leaving the place, my sister wants me to have a picture with a Hooter girl (geeze...) for souvenir... If there's such thing as a stage sisters,  my sister will definitely be a one of them...ahahaha!

A group picture with some Hooter girls. The guys don't want to join. Probably they have already pictures of them a thousand times....hehehehe.

Me and my sister outside Hooters Shanghai

Souvenirs from Hooters Shanghai

My sister and I took a can going home since it's only about 10 mins away from the Grand Mall. Both of us are tired and my sister went to sleep early whereas me, I fight the urge to go to bed since I am waiting for the husband to go online so we can chat.

I wonder what's in store for me the next day. My sister didn't mention anything. Anyways, according to the weather forecast, tomorrow will be a sunny day. Looks like a promising day for me then.