Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking for a Gift

This coming Saturday, the husband and I will be attending a children's party. I was surprised that the husband will go. I can't blame him since an old friend/colleague of his who happens to be his buddy in his first work was the one who sent the invitation. Of course, his probably shy to decline. I'm glad that he will learn to socialize every once in awhile...hehehehe.

His friend actually found my profile in Facebook (the wonders of social networking sites) and he asked for my husband's contact number and the rest is history. Long lost friend found each other!

Now we have to find a gift for the birthday celebrant. It helps to know that it was a boy as I might buy something for girl which is easier. Good thing there are some things that are unisex like personalized backpacks or something that can be use everyday like a nap mat. But I like more the stephen joseph backpacks which is full of colors. It is perfect for a baby, toddler and pre-school. If only there is a Stephen Johnson bags here in the Philippines then finding a perfect gift wouldn't be that hard. So much for my drooling over these online finds. I have to look for other options which are locally available. I only have two days to buy a present.

Most likely I would be buying a toy because that's the easiest option that I have now granting that I only have a short time to look for other gifts. This is one of the downside when you work at night. It seems that your free time is shorter. Plus malls are open at 10am and I have to get to sleep at 11am! Sigh! I have to make a plan this Saturday so we can have a gift. Most probably we have to make a quick pit stop in a mall before heading to the birthday party venue.

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