Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 2: Indoor Skiing (YinQixing)

So sorry for the late post (again). My hands are full these past few days due to my resignation and joining another company. Whew! My body is still adjusting to the graveyard hours as I've been on a day shift for more than two years.

Right now, the phone system in our office is down so finally I have in my hands the power to continue my story. Anyway, hope your still waiting for the continuation of my Shanghai vacation so here it is:

DAY 2: February 15, 2010: My sister told me that we need to get up early as we will be meeting her friends in their office. She decided for us to join her friends in going to an indoor ski and experience the fun. By 6am I am already awake. We need to get out of the house at 9am so I hurriedly took a bath and prep myself.

My sister and I arrived at their work office at around 9:30am. I've met her colleagues and few of her superiors. Some of them are working overtime(holiday) while others have a chance to take an off. We are still waiting for her two colleagues to arrive so I just lounge in my sister's workstation. At 10am, the gang is complete! One of he colleague is waiting patiently for us in a train station in Line 2 (or is it Line 1?).

It was cold outside since there's a drizzle of rain every once in awhile. This got me thinking of how cold would be the indoor ski once we are there.

I'm not sure exactly the train line we have to take to go to our destination. I assume it's Line 1 since some of it's stations are pretty old. All I know is the last station is Xinzhuang and it looks like the place is in the outskirt of Shanghai. No malls visible, same as for the buildings. All we can see are trees and some apartment houses.

Upon arriving to the last station where we have to take a bus going to the indoor ski, we decided to eat our lunch. There's a McDonald store so that's where we eat. It was comforting inside the store. It's not cold at all and if I only have a choice I would rather stay there than go outside and brave the temperature. But of course, that is impossible. Some Chinese eating inside McDonald's are eating sundaes! I wonder how they manage to do that. Guess they are used to the weather.

After eating our lunch, we went down to find the bus terminal that has a route going to the indoor ski. It's a challenge riding a bus in Shanghai since their signages are in Chinese characters plus the drivers doesn't know how to speak English! One of my sister's friend whose with us have to call their Chinese colleague in the office so he can talk to one of the drivers for directions or instructions.

While waiting, it was freezing cold on that area. I have to make some side steps each time to keep me warm. If I didn't move I feel that I will be turned into a statue or I will experience hypothermia! Yikes! After the phone call, the driver pointed us to the right bus where we should ride. We are still uncertain if that's the right one but knowing that there are 7 of us who will be lost then it's still pretty comforting. At least you have a company rather than being alone...hehehehe.

As the bus took off we are discussing the next plan in case it's not the right bus. Luckily one passenger knows how to speak in English and he assure us that we are on the right bus. Yey! He asked us on what country we are from. One of my our colleague answered, Philippines. The Chinese guy replied, "Is that in Europe?". My sister colleague, "'s in Asia as well". Me saying to my sister, "we didn't look Europeans right?" :p My sister replied, "I think that's the only place he knows abroad that's why he said Europe". Makes sense.

Going back to the bus ride, we are pretty attentive of the streets where we have to alight. Finally, after 10 minutes, we are on Qixing road where the indoor ski is located. We just need to cross the street and walk a little bit.

There was a little rain so we hurriedly walk to the comfort of the building and I was thinking that maybe there will be a few people who will be skiing but I was wrong! Upon entering I saw a lot of people waiting for their tickets. So much for my theory that since its raining there will be less people going out of their homes.

The tarpauline right behind us shows the website of the indoor ski -

rates and schedule of the indoor ski

above TV screen shows the indoor ski

the gang

their ticket that looks like the MRT card that we have here...hehehehe....too bad that you have to return it.
I was thinking of keeping it for souvenir =P

inside the indoor ski

ready to ski!!! (boy, the boots our heavy)

I was tired when this photo was taken
Beleive it or not I perspired when I was skiing. I thought it was a breeze to skii but it's actually hard. You have to control your legs and your posture. Apart from that after you went down the slope, you have to remove your skii plank and boots and carry them to go back to the top! Yeah! The very reason I was exhausted. It was fun but it's tiring...hehehehe. We only paid for an hour for the skii at the entrance. And on my one hour, I only got to skii twice! Blame it on the malfunction skii boards/planks that my shoe won't fit into them. We have to find a skii coach on the area to adjust it using a screwdriver. Hmp! We were 26 minutes over an hour so we have to pay the extra charge before we are cleared to exit.  Oh well.

There's still a drizzle of rain when we went out. The freezing cold stings in my skin...again. This time we opted to take a cab rather than by a bus. We are going back to Xinzhuang train station and our destination this time is to have our dinner in Grand mall (that is near to my sister's place...sweet!). Everyone was dead tired that all throughout our train ride we were all asleep. Zzzzzz.

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