Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 1: ERA (Shanghai Circus World)

So sorry for the delayed of my Shanghai story. I forgot to bring my USB flash drive last Friday so I was not able to post anything. Good thing I had it with me today ;) On with my story....

After spending our late mornings and early afternoon in the World Expo exhibition, my sister and I went to the location of the Shanghai Circus World. We have to take a train going there since it's slightly far from the central Shanghai where we are located. According to my sister's friends, we have to watched the second show which is shown daily at 7pm titled ERA (The Intersection of Time). They say it's amazing and you will get your money's worth watching it. My sister haven't watch it so it's a perfect timing for us to see it together. Quality sister bonding I'd say!

We arrived in Gonghexin Road where the center is located. It was 4 (or) 5 pm then so we decided to look around the area. There is a mall nearby and various shops so we checked the stores just to kill time. Since it's freezing cold, we immediately look for a Starbuck store and went inside to warm our bodies and eat a snack/early dinner. The rain and the wind makes it hard for us to walk outside. At 7pm, we hit the street and walk our way to the Cultural Center:

(we didn't take this picture since it's cold outside. I just snag this pic from the web but no need to fret, the building looks the same)

There are other people (some foreigners) waiting outside but the building is still closed. All of us are freezing due to the wind and yet the people inside are waiting for the clock to strike exactly 7:30pm to let us in. Sigh! My sister are complaining in Filipino since nobody can understand what we are saying...hehehehe. That's the best that we can do on that situation. After minutes of waiting, we the doors were opened! Yey! But the guard told us that we need to buy a ticket first. Huh? We though that the tickets will be sold inside. Turns out that there ticket office is in the lower ground floor. We didn't see it due to the tourist buses parked on the sidewalk. Grrr. We hurriedly bough our tickets at 180 Yuan each (the cheapest is 80) so we can go inside, safe and comfortable on the seats.

The inside of the building looks like a mini version of Araneta Coliseum.

Then there's a huge mirror wall on the center when we came in. I was wondering if the artists will perform inside that mirror or on top of it...hehehe.

Then there's this huge wheel suspended on the ceiling...Hmmm... I wonder what is the purpose of that thing...

We have the liberty to take picture while the show is not starting but as soon as it started, pictures and video are not allowed as not to disturb the performers.  There are a few who are not following instructions so the staff inside have to walk to them and remind them to keep their gadgets in their bags =P

I will not tell much about the show but the performers and artisit are all wonderful and great! Truly it's not the normal acrobatic show you will see in a circus. There's are the most graceful and breath taking at the same time that even adults will appreciate and enjoy watching them.

Since we were not able to take some picture during the performance, I found some on the net and decided to post it here just to give you a preview of what we have watched:

(fyi, they are a real-life couple)

these girls are so amazing. they make it look so easy....which is not, of course

this is simply death-defying...some of them almost loose their balance during the performance...
and you know what happens if they do...

The show is a really must see when you visit Shanghai. The artists are all great and good with their craft. Don't you know that there show has been running for 5 years now? With the same people when they started? Kudos to them for loving and enjoying their work!

Performers lined up for the curtain call

Hope to see you again! Not sure when it will be...

After the show, we all went outside to the building's lobby. There are 3 booths selling different kinds of souvenir from the show. My sister decided to bought an Era DVD hoping that my parents and siblings can watch it back in Manila and bring the same experience that we had.

Unfortunately when we checked the DVD back at home, it doesn't have the full show of Era. Instead, the DVD contains the making of the show and the different stories of each performer. There are a few footage of some performances but not all. Bummer!

Era's brochure and ticket. I decided to keep them in case I decided to make a travel journal/scrapbook. 
That will be really cool!

UP NEXT: Day 2: Indoor Skiing & Hooter's Dinner - we had so much fun but it's also exhausting. I will tell you why.


Philippine Weddings said...

I was so really into circuses since I was a kid, But the most that I love are English Circuses, they dress simple yet they showcase a lot of talent.

Amelie said...

This show has been created by a Canadian team especially for Shanghai :) Great work!