Thursday, February 4, 2010

Veggies Galore

Last January 31st I decided to cook an all vegetable dish. I actually cooked this a whole year (++ months) back but my first attempt is not impressive at all. It's lacking of flavor and it's not appealing. Good thing that my husband is a very understanding one and his not picky when it comes to food (unlike me). 

What made me decide to try it again is my secret ingredient...ahahahaha! Well, it's a Mama Sita's Chopsuey/Pancit Canton powder mix. Since the powder is deliciously blended, how can I go wrong, right?! All I have to do is follow the instructions at the back which I can handle just fine.

The outcome of my Chopsuey dish...

Looks delicious....but it is! Promise!

Just by looking at the photo now I have this sudden urge to cook it again this weekend and why not? I still have another pack of the Mama Sita's powder mix. All I need to do is to buy the vegetables needed.

It's so yummy and the husband loved it! 

Our rating will be 5 out of 5! Ü


Kerslyn said...

aha! secret ingredient ha. never tried Mama Sita's pa. but my secret ingredient is Magic Sarap!hehehe

Kero said...

galing! i never tried cooking chopsuey hihi